Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Horrible Histories: The Show!

I was rather obsessed with the Horrible Histories books as a kid. I still own them, and I bought most of them.

What they were: British books that were non fiction for kids. History with all the boring bits taken out. You found out all the disgusting, weird, amazing things that you apparently never learn in school or from musty textbooks. Great, wonderful way to get kids into history.

A few years ago there was a tv show about it, hosted by cartoon character kids. I wasn't that impressed.

But recently... they made a GREAT live action skit show based on it, and it has LOTS of fantastic British actors, and it's *hilarious*. Brilliant for adults to watch too. I suggest you look it up on Youtube. Here's a great skit from it: Wife Swap!

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  1. Buwahahahaha ! Oh thanks for that ! Great take off on Wife Swap - I couldn't stop watching it ! LOL !!!